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For Sale by Owner
If you are looking to sell your home without a real estate agent, you would be looking at selling it as a For Sale by Owner. While you may think you can handle all of the paperwork that is involved in this procedure, understanding everything and completing the paperwork correctly is quite complicated. This is where an attorney comes into play. A real estate lawyer can draft the right paperwork, review your paperwork to make sure it is done properly, and even help with negotiating the sale.

Post Sale Problems
You just closed on your new home, but now, all of a sudden, you are encountering problems. These problems could include items that weren’t disclosed to you on the seller disclosure agreement. An example of something that could fall under this factor could be not informing you of foundation and structural issues. When something like this happens, the seller is at fault. If you have or if you experience an issue like this in the future, contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.

Commercial Transactions
If you’re buying, selling or leasing a commercial space, it is beneficial to have a real estate lawyer on your side. Commercial transactions are significantly different from residential transactions, with the primary difference being that commercial transactions are at arm’s length and the law provides no real protection for the consumer. They still fall under the category of “Buyer Beware”. A real estate lawyer can handle drafting or reading through your leases or agreements to make sure you have covered everything and nothing will fall back on you.

Residential Leases
If you own or are planning on owning an investment property, you need to make sure your lease covers everything you want it to and are legally required to provide for. Check out one of our past blogs on some basics you want to include in your lease. We would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to read through your leases to make sure everything is correct, or we can also draft one for you. If something comes up where you need to evict your tenant, having a lawyer on your side is very important.

Here at Sher & Associates we can help you with any real estate needs you may have. We have helped many individuals around the Northeast Berks County area. Find out all we can help you with when it comes to real estate and give us a call to set up a consultation if you know you need legal help.

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