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Do I need an Adoption Lawyer?

Adoptions can be an exciting time. Whether you’re adopting a relative, such as a niece or nephew, or a stepparent wanting to adopt your stepchild, this is a moment to remember! While it is exciting, it is also a big decision and involves a technical process, as well as paperwork that affects both you and  Continue Reading »

Let’s Talk about Limited Liability Companies

In one of our past blogs, we discussed the different types of business entities and shared a little bit of information about each of them. We now want to take the next few blogs and dive a little deeper into each entity, discussing each in more depth. In this blog, we will address the Limited  Continue Reading »

What is The Equine Activity Immunity Act and What does it Protect?

Through time we have advanced from walking to running, from running to horses, and from horses we’ve progressed to cars. However, horses are still part of everyday life for people who board them, race them, ride them, as well as breed and raise them. As a result, Equine Law has developed over the years to  Continue Reading »

Agreement of Sale For Real Estate

An Agreement of Sale for real estate is a contract that defines the terms and conditions of the sale of real estate by a seller to a buyer. It is an important document for a sales transaction as an agreement to sell real estate is not binding in Pennsylvania unless it is reduced to a  Continue Reading »

What is involved with Estate Planning?

Whether or not you want to think about the future, the truth is you never know what is going to happen, and it’s best to be prepared. By having an Estate Plan in place, you are taking that step to prepare. What is Estate Planning? Many people don’t realize it, but everyone has an estate.  Continue Reading »

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

Do I need one? So, you start a business with a friend. The early years are great for the two of you, but then a dispute arises and your partner wants out.  The two of you can’t agree on how to structure your partner’s exit, so litigation ensues.  What should you have done differently? Something  Continue Reading »

When Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?

You may not think that you need a lawyer when it comes to real estate transactions, but that is not always the case. We are going to break down some incidences when you should have a real estate lawyer on your side. For Sale by Owner If you are looking to sell your home without  Continue Reading »

Let’s Talk About a Power of Attorney

In our last blog we talked a bit about a Power of Attorney (POA). This month, we want to focus on these documents and dive deeper into why they are important. No matter your health, it is a good idea to have a POA in place. Your agent under your POA will be able to  Continue Reading »

Importance in Planning for Your Future

November is Long Term Care Awareness Month, and because of that, we wanted to take the time to share why it’s important to prepare for your future and have everything in place – from your estate planning to a long term care insurance plan. You never know what your future may hold, and while you  Continue Reading »

What Business Structure Should You Use?

When it comes to starting a business, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what type of business structure you’re going to use. The choice you make on this decision will affect your taxes, amount of paperwork your business is required to do, and the personal liability you face. There are  Continue Reading »