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What is involved with Estate Planning?

Whether or not you want to think about the future, the truth is you never know what is going to happen, and it’s best to be prepared. By having an Estate Plan in place, you are taking that step to prepare.

What is Estate Planning?
Many people don’t realize it, but everyone has an estate. What should you consider as part of your estate? Items such as your car, house, investments, bank accounts, saving accounts, personal possessions, and any other real estate you may have.

Estate Planning consists of making sure you have a few documents in place. These documents include:


We have talked about a few of these records in some of our past blogs and why they are important. Please take a moment to look back through our blogs to learn more.

One item we haven’t talked about is a letter of intent. A letter of intent is a simple document that is left for the executor of your Will or a beneficiary. The letter of intent provides information on your funeral details and if you have any special requests for the individual to carry out.

We know making these decisions can be difficult, but it is better to be prepared. At Sher & Associates we can assist you with setting up your estate plan and make sure every document is prepared properly. Contact us today to schedule your Estate Planning meeting.

Sher & Associates, P.C. is a law firm located in Kutztown PA that can assist you in any of the following areas: business law, real estate law, and estate planning. We assist many individuals, businesses and families in and around Fleetwood PA, Blandon PA, Topton PA, Hamburg PA and Oley PA.

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