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Let’s Talk About Child Support

If you are going through a separation with children involved, moving forward can be a difficult situation. There are a number of matters you must address. One of the most common issues includes child support that is paid by one parent and given to the other. If you are confused about what child support is and what it can mean, we’re here to help. Let’s cover some important details you should know.

What is Child Support?

Essentially, child support covers the basic needs that a child should be guaranteed. This includes food and water, shelter or housing, and clothing. Although, depending on the state, this list may be expanded upon. In the state of Pennsylvania, this list also includes education costs, medical expenses, entertainment, transportation, and potentially the costs for extra activities such as sports or clubs.

How is it determined?

In Pennsylvania, the court will take into account what person has the child a majority of the time, how many children are involved, how much money each party makes after taxes are taken out, and what other expenses are included in finances for the children. The amount of overnights a child spends in a household is also used to decide which party will be paying or receiving the money. Once it the court determines who should receive support, they use a formula to calculate the basic amount of child that will be paid monthly. The support will then be adjusted to take into account health insurance costs, daycare and other expenses, if relevant.

If child support is not paid in a timely fashion, this can result in a slew of punishments. This ranges from your credit rating decreasing, your tax refunds being intercepted, or even jail time. The government can even suspend certain licenses and certifications you may have acquired over time.

If you are having trouble paying, child support may be adjusted. However, this requires a procedure that must be dealt with through the courts and usually support will only be adjusted from the time you filed a request to reduce the support, absent extreme circumstances.

Need help?

The separation process isn’t a simple one, and child support may be around the corner. If you have questions or need help with the situation, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be able to help you reach a solution that fits your needs.

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