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Why is a Living Will Important?

A few months ago we talked about Wills and the importance of having one. If you missed it, take a moment to check it out. However, today we would like to talk about a different type of Will and the importance of it. That Will is called a Living Will. Simply put, a Living Will  Continue Reading »

Why Would You Need a Non-Disclosure Agreement

You’ve come up with this really great idea. Not thinking anything bad will happen, you share that idea with a colleague or potential investor. They then steal your idea and run with it. Now you’re out of luck and can’t do anything to prove it was your idea…. Or maybe you hire an employee and  Continue Reading »

The Importance of a Will

About two-thirds of Americans either don’t have Wills or haven’t updated it for years. Wills are extremely important to have in place and kept up-to-date, especially if you have loved ones. While many of us don’t want to think of that unfortunate time, it is better to be prepared. Without A Will in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania  Continue Reading »

Family Limited Partnerships

In our recent Legal Hour on Wills & Estates, one of our guests asked about Family Limited Partnerships (hereinafter referred to as “FLPs”). In a FLP, an individual or a couple with wealth will contribute their assets to a limited partnership with a goal of preserving the assets and family wealth for future generations. A  Continue Reading »

Planned Giving

Planned giving is  a broad topic that encompasses any gift where the donor makes a present decision to make a future gift. Planned giving can be the decision to make a gift later in life, but the topic of planned giving is also thought of in the context of gifts made at the time of  Continue Reading »

Thinking About Transferring Your Home?

At least a few times a month we receive calls from seniors who are thinking about transferring their homes to their children (or other family members) to save on inheritance tax and to avoid having the home used to pay for long term care expenses. The potential pitfalls of such transfers must be carefully considered  Continue Reading »

Protecting Your Estate from The Cost of Long Term Care

Over the years we have had many visits from couples in their 70s, who come to our office to find out how to access medical assistance through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) to pay for their long term care and avoid losing all of their assets to the exorbitant cost of long term  Continue Reading »